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Room & Equipment Rentals

Rental rates include tables, chairs, and setup/tear down. Linens, audiovisual equipment, and parking arrangements are available for an additional charge. Room and equipment rental rates subject to change at any time. University of Utah departments and non-profit organizations receive a discount on all room rental rates.

*Four-hour day rental rates are available. 

**If your rental usage exceeds the day or night timeframes, you will be charged an additional hourly fee.

***Effective January 1, 2024, some equipment rates have changed.

8am - 5pm
5pm - 11pm
Full House$6,500$7,000
Full Ballroom (A, B & C)$3,000$3,500
Ballroom A$1,000$1,300
Ballroom B$1,000$1,300
Ballroom C$1,000$1,300
Dumke Reception$700$975
Henriksen Conference Room$700$975
Sorenson Board Room*$650$950
Executive Terrace$600$900
Beehive Conference Room*$300$500
Boyer Conference Room*$250$450
Patel Conference Room*$225$425
Pugh Business Lounge$300 + $75 for snack service$500 + $75 for snack service
Audio Visual Packages- Includes Sound, Projection & VideoPrice
OC Tanner Ballroom - Full$500
OC Tanner Ballroom - Two Sections$350
OC Tanner Ballroom - One Section$200
Henriksen/Dumke Conference Rooms$175
Small Conference Rooms$100
Basic cleaning fee$50- $400
Black Pipe & Drape$50
Block U centerpieces$15
Change fee$250
Charging Port$10
Early access fee (prior to 7 AM) per hour$250
Easels (each)$5
Excessive cleaning fee per hour$100
Flags (U.S. and/or Utah)$75
Handheld wireless microphone$50
Laser pointer/slide advancer$5
Late access fee (11pm - Midnight)$650
Lavaliere microphone$60
Linens - Runners or Ties (each)$6
Linens - Standard (each)$10
Linens - Specialty (each)$16
Non-Preferred Caterer$200
Overnight storage fee per day$100
Package storage (per package, per day)$5
Photocopies (each)$.25
Podium with microphone$50
Portable PA System with microphone$75
Portable TV$100
Reset fee$400
Stage (8x8)$200
Stage (8x12)$250
Stage (8x16)$300