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Home Catering Alcohol Guidelines

Alcoholic Beverages may be served at the Eccles Alumni House. We take care to adhere to state regulations and be consistent with alcohol policies at other intuitions and educational facilities.  Consistent with this policy, we follow these guidelines:

  • Alcohol may be served upon approval only. Approval must be obtained from the Vice President of Advancement or designee two weeks prior to the event.
  • The third-party renter must agree to comply with all Utah laws regarding the service and consumption of liquor. The third-party renter must sign a rental agreement, an alcohol service request addendum, and agree to assume liability for any claims resulting from the service or consumption of alcohol at the event.
  • Beer, wine and mixed drinks may be served in the Eccles Alumni House
  • The event must be closed to the general public
  • There may not be a charge of any kind of alcoholic beverages served at the event or a charge for entry to the event.
  • Alcohol may be served for no more than 5 hours and food must be served at the same time.
  • Alcohol may not be stored overnight at the venue.
  • All alcohol must be provided and served by a licensed and insured bartender
  • The renter must ensure no persons under the age of 21 or without a valid ID will be served.
  • Any outside events serving alcohol must have a physical barrier
  • If the Eccles Alumni House requires additional cleaning as a result of served alcohol (stains, etc.), the third-party renter will be assessed an additional fee.
  • Any alcohol brought on site without approval will need to be removed from the venue immediately.
  • If any outside alcohol is discovered (not served by the bartender), it will be immediately confiscated and the guest(s) may be asked to leave.
  • Bartenders, event staff, management and/or security reserve the right to refuse service or cease alcohol service on the following grounds: underage or no proof of ID, signs of over consumption or intoxication, excessively rowdy or belligerent behavior, harassment of staff or other guests.  If alcohol become problematic, we reserve the right, at our discretion, to terminate the bar service or the event due to breach of contract.